Custom and Bespoke Bags for Gamers - Celebrating Fifteen Years of happy homes for dice! Love your dice? Keep them in a dicepouch!

So why does dicepouch exist, anyway? Well, it all started when we wanted amazing pouches to hold our dice, but in 2003, finding someone to make a custom dice bag was a challenge. So, we decided to make them ourselves. The rest was an experiment to answer the question, "Does anyone else want a custom dice bag, too?"

Fifteen years later, we're pretty sure the answer to that question is a resounding "YES!"

Have you seen a dicepouch already? It's possible. dicepouches have been prizes at conventions like AuroraCon and Tsunamicon. We've done special runs of bags for corporate events and gaming groups, as well. Then there are the well-dressed dicepouches spotted at weddings and bachelor parties, usually hanging out as groomsmen or bridesmaid gifts, though some lucky bags have served as wrist-purses for the bride herself! And some santa pouches shake off their ho-ho-ho name, preferring to be known as a "belt pouch" or "coin purse" at renaissance festivals. Tarot cards have been known to nestle inside a deck pouch, too. And in 2017, we partnered with Cheapass Games, offering licensed designs for PAIRS and TAK on our Instant Gratification store-site.

So with well over a thirteen-hundred custom and premade bags released into the wild, that great looking custom dice bag you were admiring (or coveting,) from across the table may have come from us! Now you can have one, too.

Did you know you can keep up with us on Facebook? We share news about our products and instant gratification store, updates about machine breakdowns and conventions, and even the occasional link. Don't worry tho; we won't spam your feed with daily updates. We want to be friends, not stalkers! same goes for Twitter: We're @dicepouch, not in your face.

Do you have a specific embroidery design or an image in mind that will make your dicepouch exactly right, but don't see it in our gallery of embroidery patterns? Send TheBagLady an e-mail! We have, or can find, the perfect image for your bag!

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