custom bag creation

This is where you can opt to add text embroidery of a name, phrase, monogram, etc or one of our currently featured stock images embroidered to your dicepouch design. We are working on upgrading the order process to offer the option of multiple embroidery selections, but for now, it's an either/or deal. But don't despair! If you wish to have both text and an embroidery design on your dicepouch, we suggest choosing text here; at the end of the design process there is a comments field, which can be used to request additional embroidery.

Select one of the options (or images) below:

Progress Summary:
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Embroidery: not set
Price so far: $0.00

Thread color: (whenever possible, we choose a hue in the color you select that coordinates with your overall design. If there's a specific look you want to achieve with your thread choice, just let us know about it in the comments area!)

NOTE: selecting an image will override any text you've entered. If you want both text and an image, select and enter the text here, and add a comment to your order indicating the embroidery design you want to add. Do the same for embroidery designs from outside sources. The comments field is coming up in another step of the custom design process, so watch for it if you want both image and text!