liner fabrics

Liner fabric choices. Click the thumbnails for a larger view.

Brocade fabrics:

Black & Silver

Fuchsia Paisley

Red & Black Paisley


Autumn Leaves

Brown Paisley

Tea Bamboo

Satin fabrics:

Black Crepe

Black Shantung

Ivory Crepe

Ivory Shantung

Silver Crepe

Slate Crepe

Buttery Crepe

Gold Crepe

Pale Gold Shantung

Mushroom Shantung

Russet Brown Crepe

Maple Leaf Shantung

Poppy Petal Crepe

Red Crepe

Coral Crepe

Juicy Orange Crepe

Chartreuse Crepe

Dark Turquoise Shantung

Neon Green Crepe

Pastel Green Crepe

Indigo Blue Crepe

Midnight Seas Crepe

Sapphire Shantung

Tropic Blue Crepe

Blue Violet Crepe

Red Violet Crepe

Royal Violet Shantung

Baby Pink Crepe

Baby Pink Shantung

Hot Pink Crepe

Pale Hollyhock Shantung

Salmon Crepe

Fabrics noted with an * may incur an additional charge if embroidered, or used in a two-color santa pouch.